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The four walls of the church are closed due to the recent world wide events.  Do you and your church know how to survive and thrive on social media and streaming platforms?

Take your ministry to the masses on social media and streaming platforms.  Learn how to use video and meeting platforms needed to broadcast your church services and events  and gain a wider audience on social media platforms

Have you been offered a speaking engagement or invited as a participant on a television panel discussion?  Are you afraid of speaking on camera or in front of an audience?

Learn tips and exercises to overcome stage fright and common verbal and non verbal techniques to boost your video presence and feelings of confidence and exuberance in your presentations

Do you lack the technical skills to produce a quality video show or start your social media program? Are you looking to shop a project to a streaming channel or network?

Gain the technical skills and expertise in producing professional quality projects and productions to shop to a potential streaming channel network  or share to the masses on social platforms

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